Nature Consciousness – Part I [1996]


Excerpt: The existence of the Earth and all upon it and within it is the thought-form of God. But it is the expressed thought of God or His word that is in action, creating, manifesting. And so as you know yourselves to be creations of God, and you know yourselves to be, in that sense of your current perspective, finite, and you further know yourself to have consciousness that has parameters, a sort of distance factor that is relevant to a variety of things, conditions, and so forth that, to a degree, you control, then so does every aspect of the creative force of God’s will, which is His word, similarly have a sort of field resonance that is not unlike your own.


There are differences here, and we will attempt in humbleness to present those to you as we perceive them in those works just ahead. But if you consider at the onset here that this is the creative nature of God manifesting, evolving, so to say, in the creative sense, unfolding, perhaps a better choice of thought-forms or words.

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