Mechanics of a Lama Sing Reading [1994]


Excerpt: “Responding to the first portion of your questions, “What does the Channel do?”  Here again, we will offer brief commentary, as we perceive it, and perhaps if there is the wish or interest, the remainder can be obtained from he, in terms of the procedure, the preparation, and all that sort. See?


“We receive from the Channel periodically, that is to say when he is anticipating serving in the capacity of a channel in that Earth day or the next several, so to say, request for guidance in terms of what works are those most appropriate or best to be done. As such then, we are permitted by this request to, in a manner of speaking, evaluate all those conditions which are involved with such and to determine, certainly with the guidance of our Father’s will, how to respond.


“Thereafter, as the Channel might oft times seek to confirm this, in a manner of speaking, we receive, in his meditative state preparatory to actually serving as the channel for said works, the confirmation request which we attempt to convey to him, that he may feel in his conscious mind or reasoning that he has discerned the guidance correctly.


“We note that the Channel may oft times feel some inordinate energies that are appropriately detected and best, as a note of order here for all to evaluate, they are best adjudged from his position, which is as to say in the Earth and in the midst of such potential energies, rather than for we here to adjudge for him, or her, in the case of giving this as general guidance. See? So, albeit a small point, it is one of some significance.” -Lama Sing

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