Lucid Dreaming [1985]


Excerpt: “Lucid dreaming is one’s approach to the veil and then the passing through it, either knowingly passing through it or becoming aware that you have passed through it after you have so done.


“The desired action here would be to become accomplished at this, that you could intentionally enter into a state of restfulness, a quieting of the body, of the conscious mind, of the emotions, from whence thee can go from this certain level to that certain level. Then, through the experiencing and developing of that pathway, to become as a tunnel of light, a pathway, a shaft, a conduit, a line of light, a filament, a cord. Many titles are appropriate here. Many descriptions are acceptable. Then, as you do this, the veil becomes permeable.


“Lucid dreaming is the command of one’s spirit and one’s mind to an equal level of vibration from whence one can perceive, or see.” -Lama Sing

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