Guides and Angels Who Guide – Part III: Q&A #2 [1992]


Excerpt: Guides are those entities or, (if you will, in preference) those souls, who have, more often than not, also experienced just so as you are experiencing in the Earth. There may often be more than one guide and this, we would note, has been given previously. The interaction between these guides, who vary in their number and in their countenance, so to say, with each of you in the Earth, is somewhat dependent upon the choices which were made prior to entry into the Earth.


The primary guides, as they might be called, were present during those times of decision making, as you would see them, prior to your entry to the Earth. And they have, for the most part, been with you throughout the entirety of your sojourns to the current point and will continue to be present with you until the conclusion of your current incarnation, and will guide you to your rightful position of spiritual acceptance thereafter.

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