Faith – What It is and How to Use It [1995]


Excerpt: Faith is, then — in its uttermost — the claiming of oneness with God. And to differentiate faith from belief, we might offer that belief is the subscription to the way of thinking, a teaching, a tenet, perhaps some structure of understanding and belief that is, in its own essence, free-standing. And so, belief is that which can be looked upon or looked to, in terms of the Earthly, as an accepted practice, way of life, or way of thinking.


Faith, conversely, may have literally no substance. It may be in some respects embraced and supported by words, and yet, in the literal expression of the true enactment of faith, there is no substance of a tangible nature. But with belief there is the potential for one to simply enact what has become the accepted standard as a way of living or a way of acting or a way of functioning. And this becomes as much theology, philosophy, and such, which are parts of an entity who subscribes to same and reflections in their life. Faith, then, without the tangible in the sense of being an indicator of a certain way of living and such, remains somewhat abstract in the sense, certainly here, that you are even asking about same. See?


Blind faith is an expression, as we denote it, which has been coined in the Earth to indicate someone moving forward without knowledge, without definition, taking a journey without any chart to guide them, any map, or anyone, perhaps, to prepare them for what might lie ahead. Blind faith is the involuntary mechanism that moves into a functioning position within an entity when they are confronted with an event which is dynamic, which is perhaps hostile, which is perhaps immediate, and all that sort.
But it could also be interpreted as being that which is utterly an act of faith. It could be called that which moves forward under the guidance of spirit, and spirit alone.

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