Education of a Master Soul [1994]


You draw the innate inner abilities out by opportunity and, of course, by example. The entirety of the grouping whom surround the Master Soul become a world to that Master Soul during those of the early years.


If you wish to develop the skills of an artisan, you provide them with the materials from whence they can fashion their work. If the artisan is a woodcarver, then you obtain for them the best wood specimens from which they can do what it is that they perceive needing to be done. You would look for those wood samples or specimens to be as pure, as free of defect, as possible. Wouldn’t you?


No, you would not. You would look for that which is the common in the Earth. There should be knots, there should be growths, there should be disruptions, inconsistencies in the grain, and all that sort. For these are those things which will cause the finer qualities of the creative soul to be manifested, to be evident. See? See the meaning here? So what would you do to bring out the innate inner abilities? Let there be opportunities for these abilities to be used, and they’ll come forth. See? And this would apply for both the Master Soul and the disciple who is approaching same.

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