Earth Changes – Update: Part II [2011]


This is a continuation of the reading given on March 14.


Excerpt: “The entirety of the global surface is in a state of adjustment. This is not inordinate for the planet, for the structure as it is recognized has the tectonic movement frequently. When those movements are released in moderate sequences, then the effect is not recognized significantly. We do not however in this instance, as given earlier, expect that some of these pressures will be of that sort … in other words, they will not be released with a gradual staccato of earth movements. There will be, as given previously, the notification of the greater shift forthcoming by the presence of those that are in the magnitude by your measure on the Richter scale, we believe it is, of the high 5’s and low to mid 6’s. When there are a series of these successively within several days (let us say three Earth days) then you can anticipate in the areas as we have identified them, that there will be a larger movement to follow.


“There have been many questions, some of which you have heard or seen written. And many of these are asking, is this or that area quote “safe?” The question, rather, should be, dear friends, ‘Is it that the inner spirit – my heart, mind, and spirit – are in balance? For, no matter where I might dwell, is it significant if my body is safe and that which is eternal is not?’


“We do not mean to judge by stating this in this manner, but to encourage you to recognize that the true and lasting power that you have is oft not even recognized in the physical. The mental, emotional, and spiritual forces interact with the Earth, and it is with these forces that you can now contribute to the moderation of that as it has been given.” –Lama Sing


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