Earth Changes – Y2K-2020 [1999]


“The sovereignty of the United States of America is not seen to be threatened (any moreso than it has been in the last century) in that century which lies ahead. That’s not saying much, for it has been threatened in a major way on several occasions, as is historically known.


“We do not see a global confrontation in the two decades that are the initial ones upon which the question was posed at the onset of the commentary above. There will be wars and conflicts. They seem to always be somewhere in the hearts and minds of so many in the Earth who seek to perpetuate a singular way of life which, for the most part, is dominated by a handful of entities. To the information as given, several of these confrontations could be quite serious in the localized sense. No indication here, other than that, as to what or where or what’s predicating this. We will give more on this should it be given here in future.” –Lama Sing

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