Earth Changes – Update [1998]


Excerpt: “In considering further the nature of the topic called Earth changes, it, in and of itself, is suggestive. And yet, as we have given oft in past, the greatest of all opportunity for change lies not without, but rather, within each. It is true that changes have been, are, and shall continue to be made manifest in and about the Earth. It is also true that the thoughts, the attitudes and, of course, the actions of those souls or entities who are conscious in the Earth, and walk about upon it, have an influence, according to their intent, upon same.


“The reduction in probability of those predictions given through Edgar [Cayce], and elsewhere, to be sure, that portend catastrophic events for the just-preceding time period, the last several decades of Earth time, as measured in the Earth, and in the present and immediate future, have been reduced. In this, we simply mean that catastrophic event or events, such as cataclysmic eruptions, earthquakes, and that sort, have been moderated substantially. Had it not been so, a number of these would have already occurred, not the least of which, tectonic plate movement and volcanic eruption of some considerable extent.” –Lama Sing

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