Earth Changes – An Overview [1991]


Excerpt: “The tendency is, once a soul group is formed, that the members of same are little different than that of a closely knit or woven family in the earth. They don’t easily leave behind members of their grouping, any more than a close family in the earth would leave behind one of its primary members.


“And so it can be discerned from that that, as more and more soul groupings become more and more involved, the number of souls in these realms, or beyond the Earth, can quickly exceed the number upon or within the Earth.


“Add to that, then, also this: that in the recent several hundreds of Earth years, perhaps close to fifteen hundred, more souls have continued to remain in the cycle of involvement with the earth than have left it. And additionally, more souls have become interested in and thus involved in the Earth than have left it.


“This condition was not, as such, one unforeseen as a possibility but was for that matter quite expected, at least to a degree, and is in part a primal purpose for many of those who have been in the Earth as lights upon the way, examples for those who would follow and, even so as we speak, are in the Earth at this moment.” –Lama Sing


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