Dreams and Dreaming: A Project


A nine-month project with Lama Sing through trance-channel Al Miner in an in-depth study with individuals participating from all over the world learning to interpret dreams and their symbols for profound guidance and insight.


Excerpt: What is a dream? It is not a fragmentary illusion of events which have occurred in recent times in the Earth, though such may often use these as symbols and/or vehicles, to be understood or to gain attention or recognition from the conscious mind.


Dreams are likened unto visions in the sense that when they are understood and when one seeks to know them, they are indeed as such a clear guidance from the Father. As many of you in the Earth have noted, there are those times when such visions, dreams that is, present considerable difficulty in interpretation. We shall work with you from these realms, that we might through our combined efforts bring greater understanding, greater clarity—first of all to your dreams and the symbology used therein, and then secondly that you might move forward beyond this, to begin to inspire what we shall call, more accurately, visions.
NOTE: This project consists of 7 readings. Download/Print size is 71 pages

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