Death and Hereafter [1976]


Excerpt: In a sense one whom considers the departure from the physical body with fear or apprehension is in essence perhaps defining within themselves some discomfort with the lifetime experiences that have been led to that point, and not perhaps the event of departure from the flesh body itself; and to a large extent this is proper, for it is to be said that once the flesh body has been lain aside, the proper body of eternal body is free in a sense to continue on determining its pathways and purposes.


But for an indefinable time the body will encounter additional experience that relate strongly to the lifetime just past.  These are largely the product of that entity’s experiences and attitudes in the mind and in the heart during that lifetime.  It becomes, then, quite obvious that, as you listen to these words given from this humble grouping, the importance of living a lifetime of goodness for self and others takes on a duality of purpose.  Certainly the Holy Writings are clear in the need for this in the physical sense and imply clearly the aftereffects of such attitude.  But what has been removed from this Book is perhaps the most important point for you all.

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