Crystals: A Project [1987]


Excerpt: “Crystals were chosen largely because of their more perfect nature. These particularly because of their proximity to one another. By that, specifically, we mean they were extracted from a cavern wherein they grew side by side, unknown for the most part to those in physical body except for some who were sensitive to their presence as an energy center or as an anomaly of sorts. These then also because of their particular nature, unique to that which is found in this geographic area, namely Brazil, and because of their broad spectrum of responsiveness in terms of working with what you would call energies. Also chosen for several other reasons briefly stated as follows:


“During that period of Earth time loosely identified in the mythological or historical or quasi-historical sense as Atlantea or Atlantis, this time period wherein the seeds were sown pre-dates the accepted period, chronologically speaking, by some several-fold thousands of Earth years. See?


“Next, because of their pertinence to the Earth in terms of the changing forces, energies, whatnot. Next, because they have the ability, when properly used as a tool, as a focal point, to be of considerable assistance to those whose ideal and purpose would be for the betterment of self and others in the Father’s name. And there are yet other reasons, but we shall leave them unless they are sought after or needed, later. See?


“Do crystals really work? Yes, they really work. They work in the sense that one knows of their nature, applies such within the ability of their faith, their will, their dedication, whereof the crystal becomes an amplifier, a focal device, and such as this, in order to accomplish a certain thing, work, or what not. They also really work in terms of communication, in terms of providing a means of bond, and in many other ways… so many other ways, and so many variations of methodology of use. Indeed, an entire topic of what you would call research and/or study in and of itself.” –Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 19 readings. Download/Print size is 242 pages

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