Changing the Physical Body With Thought [1977]


Excerpt: Healing might be better understood if one were to view the entirety of their life experience in the Earth plane as just that—having the purpose of developing an understanding of how to heal self and others.


What forces, then, work to prevent effective healing? Certainly, one can surmise or deduce from that as has been given some of the obvious answers to this: lack of faith, lack of concentrated thought, and lack of action. That these are triggered, in essence, by habit, by karmic influences, by the mass-mind thought, and by influences which are often more subtle but which are cosmic and which are, in terms of group karma, more overriding in a general sense.


To resolve these, one often finds it valuable to use the Christ-given grace, love, and compassion for self. And there is often, as well, a need to release some previously held conceptions to make way or room for these new concepts or beliefs within self.

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