Chakras [1982]


Excerpt: The chakras are always perfect, always. There is no exception. You may remove a gland, and the chakra is still perfect. This is the flow of God’s life for you. This is His promise for the future. Remember that, and you will be aright. See?


When one witnesses a miraculous recovery of an entity, it is because a function has been changed, allowing then the perfect pattern of the chakra to flow into that body. We are giving this that it can be a further understanding of how the presence of God’s Grace is always with you: there is the promise of a miracle at every moment by the presence of the kundalinic energy passing through and interacting with the chakras. These are the focal points or the stopovers, if you will, of the energies passing through and about thy body.

So the result is, then, to stimulate this gland and its subordinate glands so as to cause a manifestation to the physical. The result of this then is to change the chemical, the etheromagnetic, the electrochemical, et cetera, throughout all aspects of that soul’s existence. The result then can manifest in a discordant or a harmonious reaction, dependent upon the nature, the attitude and the prevailing forces in and about that entity or that soul.


Moving upwards, we have that which is generally referred to as the splenic, and which is more commonly referred to in terms of that which Edgar [Cayce] gave as the Leydig, that which mankind seeks to attain. When thought of in the aspect of the metaphysical, they are very powerful entry and exit points for the use of energies to be created and energies to be received. When thought of at the physical level, they are useful for the stimulation of glandular systems which are awry, or simple metaphysical, physical and mental reactions that are desired.

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