Ceremony of Faith [1998]


This is a topical research request: Becoming Servants of the Christ – An Exercise


Excerpt: “This is a ceremony which has no particular time limit, nor is it that which cannot be performed according to thy will or as thou art guided in the meditation, in the dream, or in the conscious state of interaction in the Earth. In other words, while this is a celebration first initiated to be used at the high point of the Christ-Mass, it is, nonetheless, that which can be used by all to better attune, to cleanse, to purify, to strengthen, and to heal self. And from this position of oneness, this position of enlightenment, then works can be done, all manner of such, on behalf of those who are seeking and are in need.


“According to the request before us, this is the suggestion that we have given previously, with some addendums here. But we emphasize, as in past, let self be guided. Do not consider this or any such given from here by we to be a mandate.” -Lama Sing

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