Atlantis [1975]



CONDUCTOR: Thank you. What was the form of government in Atlantis – executive, judicial, legislative? Where were the land of Om and Og, as mentioned by Edgar Cayce?

LAMA SING: Yes, in terms of their ruling factions one must be appraised of what period of Atlan is referred to, you see?

CONDUCTOR: …the later period, he says.

LAMA SING: Later from which direction, please?

CONDUCTOR: …about thirteen thousand B.C.

LAMA SING: Yes, very well.

There were primarily factions of more dictatorial ruling at this time…though the elected capacity of the rulers or accepted capacity of the rulers was not done through power, not done through earthly goods for example…the one whom had the most precious metals of your time did not rule—the one whom had the greatest wisdom, and (a curious point) the one whom was most in contact with God led the peoples of these various isles during the time from ten thousand five hundred years to the time of thirteen thousand. And before this time there were much more different forms of government (as you call it), for souls were in commune with one another without speaking, and thought was received more clearly during that time, you see…the further backward in your time one goes, you see.


CONDUCTOR: Any connection between Atlantis and the so-called Devil’s Triangle?

LAMA SING: My! My! We certainly are in the midst of a topic on this one, we can see! For it has brought much conversing to these realms, oft times, this triangle named after the non-existent gentleman in his red-colored suit. We assure you he does not exist in that triangular geographic area anymore than he exists elsewhere, save for those thoughts of mankind that create these attitudes, you see. With that matter cleared we can proceed with your question then.


The Triangular area is, of course, to be carefully considered in any navigational patterns of your vessels, as there is yet in that area one of the generators as you would call this, containing a large crystal yet functioning on certain alignments of celestial patterns. And when conditions are such that the device requires its automation again, it’s quite automatic. It was a broadcasting station, as you would call this. When one intrudes within the field, as it might be called, wherein the energies are being absorbed and transmitted, it can cause some difficulty to any apparatus that uses some form of base energy, such as forms of your electricity which is very basic, you see.



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