Atlantean Influences and the Germanic Lands [1998]


Excerpt: Rohr moved or migrated with a considerable entourage to the northeast of the main isle of Atlantea. Here there were already a series of fragmented land masses. Though these were not great in number, their presence was of considerable beauty, and because of the geomagnetic or geophysical structure and the geological content, both mineral and anomaly, see? anomaly, meaning the confluence of energy lines, grids, as these are meridian-like upon the Earth. Noting here, of course, that all of this has migrated, both tectonically, geologically, and according to the shifts in density, and all that sort. An impressive list could be enumerated here but, suffice to state, this gives the concept.
These islands, or outlands, as they might be called from some nomenclature reference points, were actually portions of the uppermost thrust of what might now be called Jura, we believe, the mountain range which is interconnecting some portions of the French, the Swiss, the German, and such as this, over into some of the smaller provinces and such. See?
Here, in these lands, there was much that was planned and much that was done. Rohr (and called by some, Rahl, as well, and others by other names, but the general term or title is as given, see) began to organize into groupings, each one focused upon one of the vestiges of consciousness that Rohr believed would be significant in moderating effects which would, potentially, at least, be devastating to the land masses.

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