Arcturus [1998]


Excerpt: Celestial bodies which are balanced with one another can be seen (we think your term might be) something as “bipolar” or “balanced compensatory astral bodies”. There are those which are not yet visible to you, and these, for the most part, are paired according to the Law of Numbers.


Here, then, in and about Arcturus, is a manifestation of the pattern that is found in the DNA, that is found within the Seven Golden Steps within you, within the Seven Rays, the Seven Tonal Patterns, and on and on. And the Law of Fours and Eights is manifest here.


And what is that? Not intended to be cryptic nor mysterious or any such. It is incredibly simple. The Law of Fours is the perfect intersect of polarity balance. The Law of Eights carries this to the next generation or dimension, until you reach twelve. The Law of Twelves is completion, which is reduced then back down to finiteness. So it is, in a sense of mathematic progression or geometric form, duly designated or dubbed, if you will, ‘sacred geometry’. –Lama Sing

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