A Visit to a Teachers’ Realm [1997] FREE


Excerpt: “Master, in my previous journey in the Earth, I tried repeatedly to give and to express love. And yet, each time I found sadness to be the end product of my effort. Why is it that love so often returns sadness and/or pain, when it is offered, as I did, with purity of heart and as little expectation as I could muster.” This latter comment brings a bit of laughter from the grouping, for each here knows only too well of what this entity speaks.


Another of the teachers answers this question in the following way. “Love is a gift which is given without expectation in any form. If it is given in its truest expression, the very fact that you found sadness or disappointment or pain of any sort as the result of your offering of love as a gift clearly points to the fact that you were not giving it in the right form, in the right manner. When you give love, particularly in a realm of limited consciousness, it must be, in order to be effective, given in utter freedom, and that alone.”


The entity counters this with another question. “How does one manage, while in finiteness, to see and know such an unlimited nature? How can I do that?”


The answer is given as follows: “How can you make a journey from one point to a distant destination? Can you rise from your seated position of contemplation of the journey and take one giant step and be there? Certainly, if the journey is but one step in distance. But if the destination is many steps distant from where you are now, then does it not follow that many steps will be needed to reach the destination?”


There is a pause as this is contemplated …


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