Skin Condition and Care [1996]


Excerpt: The nature of the body is to attempt by way of the image borne in the spirit to sustain a state of perfect ease. The pattern perfect in the spirit passes through the mental and emotional, and ultimately, according to what could be called, lovingly, the original plan (with a note of loving humor here), is, in a manner of speaking, precipitated out or manifests itself into the physical form.


Were, perhaps, there to be a direct and uninterrupted link between the spiritual and the physical expression, it is possible that some of these conditions called dis-ease would not manifest. But then, what would be the purpose of the incarnation in the Earth, were the soul not able to express itself and to interact via the mental and emotional? See?


So, in the spirit, what is given to the body? Certainly, each cell, each molecule which becomes a primary essence of the bodily expression. Not just those transitory (however, these adopt a certain tenure of consciousness when in the body, nonetheless) but those which are structurally a part of the body in the more, quote, “permanent”, end quote, sense, recognizing the body is continually rebuilding, replacing itself, over re- markably brief schedules of Earth time. These, then, bearing the pattern imprinted, if you will, and sustained by the spirit as a literal energy force. Then the mind and the emotion are sort of the common ground, if you will, connecting the physical to the imprint, to the spirit, to the state of ease, universally speaking.


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