Microwaves & Miscellaneous: A Compilation of Excerpts [1991]


Excerpt – Microwaves and Microwave Ovens:

“The microwave, as we see it, does the following: aggressively stimulates the molecules in the elements – the foods, and such – to the point where their activity generates heat in and of themselves. …otherwise, when you cook normal foods that are not highly processed or preserved, all you are doing is exciting the atoms, not much more. See?” –Lama Sing


Excerpt – Effects of North-South Magnetic Orientation:

“Align your body during massage and during sleep, if at all possible, with the head to the north. Why? The physical body responds to magnetic influences. Those which are aligned in the earth north-south are generally the more neutral, the more…as you might think of it…spiritually powerful. While those which flow west to east in the northern hemisphere tend to deal very much with the aspects of desire of the mental and emotional of those in the Earth…including, of course, your own.” –Lama Sing


Excerpt – Travel and Jet Lag:

“In the dietary, we would add four to six caplets or capsules of sea kelp into the diet daily, beginning with the tenth prior to the departure and continuing on up to and through the journey and until you return home. Probably four or five days thereafter.” –Lama Sing


Excerpt – Skin Care:

“The skin, then, when it is stimulated by these tiny neuro-transmitter types of dendrites, causes tiny spasms, which collectively can close the skin down—so to say—so that the pores and such do not breathe. Therefore, that which is within and needs to be eliminated, just as in the breath exhalation, is not. And that which is external and needs to be taken within. The minute process of breathing through the skin is very important for healthy skin. And exercise, soaks, body packs, massage, and all that sort stimulate that breathing process.” –Lama Sing


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