Healing [1983]


Excerpt: it is the misguided thought or the intent of the entity that, more often than not, brings unto self that malady or affliction of purpose in that lifetime. Yes it can be, as the thoughts now course to us, that these can be of karmic nature. But this is the same as what we have stated. It is merely a different lifetime or two, do you see.


So we would point then to thoughts at the commencement of any dis-ease. And we would tell you or remind you, dear friends, that by the emanations of your own thoughts do you construct that of body. And by the intensity and emotion attached to this then, does there come the greater and greater manifestation into the physical plane. That, which is lived, believed, and stated with emotion, usually has a constructive result in the physical plane. It cannot be avoided, for these thoughts, these energies, do have their need to be expressed physically as well as on other planes.

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