Foot Reflexology: A Compilation of Excerpts [1975]


Excerpt: Now then, movement should be immediately to the toes and soles of feet. Here, concentrate on first the great toes, and moving outwards to the lesser toes. Then to the ball of foot and around the outside edges, then back up through the inner and inner edges of the toes and soles of feet, so as to essentially make an arc or a complete circle. Do this then first for the right foot, and then for the left. When concluding, the hands should be placed on both feet and an overall rather brisk flexing of them should conclude the activity. Do use the balm on these as well. The better is to prepare this just before slumber, for this will open the Chakras, and make for the clearer visions or dreams as well. And this is good for all, see?


When just performing the foot reflexology as it’s called, then be certain to keep the feet warm thereafter. Place some stockings or such upon them. When doing the entire body, keep it warm as well. For the body will be open and far more receptive due to the activities above.

Re: “MRI of lumbar spine that showed problems at L-4 and L-5 discs and vertebrae. My questions are, what choices do I have?”

You can use the aromatic pine. The cedars would be, probably, too aggressive. But you can use an inhalation therapy. Or the apple jack in the charred oak keg, as was given through Edgar, would be a good inhalation therapy here. This would need be used frequently, probably once every two Earth hours for the first seven to ten Earth days, just to get the body’s attention. Once that’s accomplished, then three, four times daily. Good periods of time, five to fifteen minutes each. We know that’s quite a dedication. However, this could be done at the same time as the foot reflexology. And coordinate all of this to the timetable, the schedule given above, the first ten to twelve Earth days being the more intense; the second twenty much lesser, about half; and thereafter, as needed. But not to be eliminated entirely for at least three to six Earth months.

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