Foods – Part III: Grains, Nuts, and Seeds [1983]


Excerpt: Within the structure, the construction of the grain, we find many of the aspects which will, when in-taken into the body physical, promote for the balance in many and nearly all aspects.


Here we find the oils, the proteins, the various trace elements, or minerals, and many of those things which thee call vitamins or variations of same. The essence of the grain is such so as to provide a healing quality to many of the membranic tissues in the body. And many of the oils which are extracted from same can be found to be highly beneficial as supplements and additives to varying entities’ dietary needs.


The uniqueness of the grain is highly reflective in its ability to calm and to build the nervous system through these oils, and to enrich and to promote healing in terms of the fibrous tissue of the body.


The ability of the other portions, as the outer and some of the portions of the hulls, are such so as to absorb rapidly drosses, toxins, due to the nature of these portions of same, the seed of the grain plant to provide a high absorption of toxins or drosses.

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