Foods: A Compilation By Food, Organ, Dis-Ease [1984]


This is a compilation of excerpts from the 4 “Foods” readings listed, as well as from information gathered in the earlier readings, and categorized by Dorothy Gundling, PhD:


Foods for maintaining health categorized by food, organ, and dis-ase excerpt:


“Rye, when used consistently, can show resistance to dis-eases as colds, tumors, bursas. Tends to reduce tumors and polyp formation. Tends to cement cells together and when in the blood stream will rush to any injured tissue and cause it to form a sort of coating which is like a scar tissue which is self protective and self destructive so there is isolation capacity through the elements found in the rye. Rye, wheat, amaranth, and rice can be steeped in water and their fluid properties used for people who are ill or have stomach disorders with wondrous effects.


“Sesame seeds tend to be attracted by toxins and hence the toxins recognize these as a source of their growth or an advancement when in effect by absorbing same, they actually de-toxify even some of the most voracious drosses in the body. Wherein, we find conditions which are called of polyps, of tumors, the sesame seed and its relative oils are highly desirable to isolate genetic imbalances and genetic transfers and the immunal-system of the body does look upon the elements of the pure sesame oil as neutral and will not attack these in the general sense. Use in combination with other foodstuffs.


“Sunflower seeds produce oils and produce residual by-products in the digestive process, which are very healthful to the restoration and healing of the digestive. Other benefits relate to duodenal ulcer, esophageal disruptions, arterial-pulmonary plexus and the major passageways of the liver that can be cleansed and effectively purged of some drosses by the sunflower seed and its oils.


“Flax is good in terms of cleansing and providing lubrication for the body, not just in lubrication of the eliminations, but a helpful and wholesome means of providing good passage of fluids round and about the joints… ”  –Lama Sing


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