Fatigue: A Compilation of Excerpts [1985]


Excerpt: “In the condition of the mind, body, and spirit, there are those connective links which are likened unto bridges or channels, which interact between one or the other focal point of the total self. Therefore, as the body finds itself fatigued, some aspect of the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual must play a part in this. For as the spirit is inexhaustible and, potentially at least, perfect, then mind as it is willing to interpret, to accept, and to emulate this outwardly in the daily life becomes the mid-point of what could be considered a balance or fulcrum between the spirit as the prime causal force and the physical as the end result or product. So we would begin then the focus upon the mental, and look about the aspects of potential change as we find them indicated here.


“Now then, as we look at that information provided here in regard to your questions, the first indicator is for an increase in the oxygen level in the bloodstream and a stimulation to the base cell salts and, as well…to the crystalline formation as is found all throughout all bodies. What this means, quite simply, is to fortify the blood a bit more through the oxygenation and the improvement to the metabolic rate, providing a greater stability and preventing what we see here as periodic highs and lows, which are fatiguing or producing side effects of fatigue.” -Lama Sing

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