Diabetes [1982]


Excerpt: Here the entity has generally the inability to convert base elements into stabilized elements for the body’s use. In such instances, the body must then attempt to draw, to glean or to gather these substances, these elements, from varying points, as you might call them, storage aspects of the body. The effect then can be generally to create high peaks and valleys, as of course you know, in the body’s metabolism. And the result can be swelling to the joints or swelling in the localized areas of the bursas, lymphatic reactions, conditions of cramping, spasms, both inwardly and outwardly. The effect to the body also is one of its balance in terms of locomotion or mobile capacity.


Generally, the body needs to be reoriented in this way: A regimen which stimulates the localized glandular centers by manipulation unto and near to the spinal column by affecting the gradual but thorough change and displacement of drosses in the adrenal, in [pause] …body’s ability to create those elements or enzymes which are capable of creating the catalysts which endow the body’s ability to retain and stabilize the fluid, the body’s base fluid, which then carries nutrients [such] as glucose or those elements which are essential to the body’s fueling or the cell’s refueling or refurbishing. There is also the ability in this then to displace drosses as they are exhausted or converted by way of the cells’ activity in maintaining its own identity.

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