Cancer: A Compilation of Excerpts [1976]


Excerpt: Cancer, in itself, is errant thought, dis-ease, lack of balance, and the result, often, of mass-thought or conditioned response. Cancer has a very low threshold of stability. This means that cancer can be eliminated more rapidly, perhaps, than some of the other dis-eases.


Since thought affects cancer so quickly, the thought patterns also must work in reverse. Just as the circuit is two-way, thought works both ways.


So, build within that entity thought which is a cleansing, of a perfect pattern, of a whole and complete body; and find that this thought will tend to then balance the dis-ease and create a balanced form or force.  Cancer is the lack of a continuous pattern in the cell structure and, to that extent, mind controls this and directs same. See?

Good thought is perhaps the most important factor in dealing with the dis-ease of cancer. For the thought, then, being the controlling factor to the rebuilding of the body and to the restoration of any cells in imbalance. Your whole body is replaced very rapidly. If this is so, what is the pattern or image? Certainly, dis-ease is not the condition which the cells would follow. Thus there must be some controlling force directing or overriding that of the initial or divine pattern.

As the entity Edgar has given, many foods are very good in balancing the body’s vibra- tory pattern towards keeping these conditions of imbalance from occurring. These would be almonds, to be sure. We would find in some citrus, in teas, in grapes… these all have the certain acidics which tend to blend with amino acid structure of a body in physical sense. See?


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