ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder [1989]


Excerpt: Such entities, generally speaking, would be found to be victims of excessive pollution of their bodies, excessive absorption of various toxins, not the least of which are aluminum salts.


Generally speaking, aluminum salts are extremely detrimental to the physical body, largely because of their properties which are such that they remain inert in the body. It is extremely difficult for the body, if at all possible for some bodies, to cause the particles, the aluminum salt particles, to be dissolved. Anatomically, they are inert. Thus, the types of acidics, which would actually change them in the biochemical or electrochemical sense, are not normally those found in the physical bodies. When such acidics are produced, these then can cause by-products which are damaging to the cells and to the intra-structure of the cell. Largely, the nuclei of the cell becomes deformed, causing errant or migrant, cell structure.

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