Alzheimer’s: A Compilation of Excerpts [1989]


Excerpt: “Preventative measures are those listed first here by the manner of avoiding contact with or absorption of any further inert particles. Of these, the most commonly known category would be those of aluminum compounds or, as called here, aluminum salts. These are contained in very small particles in suspension in a number of compounds and in their own basic nature in many of your foods, your cosmetics, in preservatives, containers, and as such. Thus, be watchful and keep the watchful eye for these, that none of these are intaken to the body. See?


“Additional items under this category given: Various forms of nitrites and nitrates, which are used for the stabilizer, the emulsifier, the expander, or generally categorically called preservatives should carefully also be avoided. Colorants, dyes, and other such chemicals as stabilizers and expanders should also be avoided. Then the obvious choice is for those foodstuffs and those fluids to be taken into the body to come from the more natural sources. Even with this, then, have a cautious eye.


“One of the best ways to determine what level or what purpose the entity has chosen for this hyperactive difference is color analysis. This can be done through a pattern of consistent color testing over a period of 21 earth days. Obviously, the entity would need to be either in confinement or in such an environ as to be cooperative with same. Then, we would also use reflexology and muscular response for further justification or verification of the type of treatment that would be most effective here. Radionics can be useful here, though the skilled operators are rare to be found in the earth in the present, unfortunately.”  –Lama Sing


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