Melchizedek [1992]


Excerpt:  “And so, as it is written, He shall appear. And perhaps thee might be called unto His service. But this we know from the information before us: all whom can unburden themselves can enter therein to the next Salem – or Jerusalem, as it has come to be later called. And if you see the Light open, and One comes to emerge forth from same, how shall you answer yourself within?


“These things, then, we encourage you to consider. If you adjudge a past action from self or another and know it not to be good, is it better that you shall mourn for the rest of the days the commission of that action, or to look to this day as an opportunity to replace thoughts of darkness with hopes of light?


“Melchizedek, the eternal Teacher of Righteousness, shall return. In order to be called, you must forgive just as quickly and as easily as you would be forgiven. Once having attained this attitude, you can become the joyous expression that shall mark you with His own mark, that ye would be called one of His own flock. See?”  –Lama Sing


[This reading is included in the Jesus Books]

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