Lord’s Prayer [1985]


Excerpt: “‘Our Father whom art in heaven”… consider that. Heaven being thought of in one sense as being the ultimate purest and highest state of existence, also being thought of as the purest and best as thou art capable of forming in your thought. So you are saying all that is powerful in the highest that I can construe, that I can conceive, the greatest and best within me, for, surely, if The Father liveth, He liveth within thee. So then is this not, as well, God within me? God in my highest place? That which is best within me? So you are summoning the highest from within.”



“So if you live in an attitude that affirms that God is within and that this is the highest and best, then you will begin to transform your life. You will begin to emanate this aspect, this quality of existence, that it shall first precede you and penetrate all that is your experience—perhaps the most powerful and most blessed affirmation that might be used in any prayer.” –Lama Sing

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