Life of Christ [1975]


CONDUCTOR: In Cayce’s book Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man, it states that Amelius, the Light, was the first expression of God. Thus Amelius was the first soul created and became the Son of God. It further states that Amelius fostered the creation of the other souls in the beginning and that Amelius accepted the burdens of the world to come, the earth dimension. Comments please.


LAMA SING: Of such we find no comments to the contrary that can be given from this grouping. We do find these points to elaborate upon this:


In each sphere of environment wherein groupings of souls will encounter experiences for their own progression there are those souls who choose and accept those tenets or those heraldings over these realms. Not as a ruler but as a guide, as a pattern, a symbol of that which is to be followed or imitated. We find as such then that which thou has called Amelius then as such, is the influence of that spirit, the Christ that which was to become the soul or the man which you call now Jesus, you see. Thusly this involvement then might well be deemed the very first. As it was during those times of the actual creation through the force of mind, that which created the sphere and the realms and orbs of the Earth plane and its environs, you see.


CONDUCTOR: Could you give a physical description of Jesus The Christ?


LAMA SING: We find that in the man Jesus we would find a man of some stature. We find that in that family and that grouping we find wealthful and healthful surroundings in all aspects of living. We find no abject quality. We find the man in stature to be muscular in build, estimate weight then in your pounds measurement one hundred seventy to one hundred eighty degrees… or pounds (forgive the error here). We find that this then in terms of a fluctuation dependent upon the time period and his sojourns. We find auburn, tawny or that which is called auburn in the hair coloration. We find that the skin tone mild. We find the eyes intense and magnetic in quality, the face angelic but rugged, firm but gentle, kind but very directive. We find the hands that of a creator. We find the body that of stature. We find the countenance pleasant, mirthful, joyous. We find the intellect superb. We find the spirituality then beyond your concept. Eyes becoming moreso, then, the blue-grey towards the edging; commencing then a very brilliant blue, blue-graying then toward the edges. You see?

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