Incarnations of Jesus [1983]


Excerpt: In the creation of His great city there was the creation of the hope and the promise. And so we find for each of you within this, then, the opportunity to realize that when you control these emotions in these levels of consciousness, all manner of force and all nature of action and reaction becomes within your dominion.


It is to this, then, that He was tested when He was the man Jesus by the Forces of Darkness. And yet He knew it to be only a step-stone and not the ultimate, not paradise, and not the culmination of His oneness with God. And because of this lifetime, He sustained the strength and wisdom to refute the offer to be Lord of the Earth. See?


Thus, each of thee, strive to be Lord over that Earth which is within. Know that ye can command and can create. But let this be in accordance with the will of the Father, which is, as to say, with the will of thy highest spiritual intent.

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