Disciples – Part V: Bartholomew, Nathaniel, Thaddeus, Nicodemus [1977]


Excerpt: In regard to Bartholomew… One of the strongest supporters of the School of Wisdom, the School of Knowledge. One of those who perpetuated the need for record-keeping in that time, among those who prepared many journals, many documents, then sealed and secured within same.


Found in the walks of the Master several times, learning, though many things as a part of this experience that provided contrasts, often in times of great change in the Earth plane. The entity would take extreme incarnative experiences in order to see these great depths and breadths of man’s own creative ability. Has entered the Earth plane repeatedly since the Master’s walk as the man Jesus, several times of recent vintage – as you would call this – to help and guide through great change the awakening of man. Also find the entity among those who still dwell very close to the Earth plane for purposes of healing. Would be one of those who could find great joy, great pleasure, in the services to those who are functioning in His name as “healers” – as you would call this – or as ministers of His Light in His name.


Should find the entity reentering the Earth plane in the relatively near future to be a part of the contrast and change at hand in the Earth plane at present. Find that in summary relating to the other entities having been discussed to this point, would not be noticed save for his gaze, for his appearance, that of a quiet calm, a great depth, a great tranquility, but very perceiving eyes. See?


NOTE: This series of readings on the Apostles/Disciples, begun in 1976, were never completed, but contain a wealth of information about these who followed Jesus, the Christ.

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