Disciples – Part II: Simon, Nicodemus [1976]


Excerpt: As the purpose of the Master’s walk in the Earth plane became more and more apparent, Simon’s heart grew heavy and at several times he considered departing from this cause for he deemed it in his own mind unworthy if it were to terminate with such an event.


As became the time near and his heart the heavier, the Master again rebuked him and confided in him certain tenets which were then known by very few on the Earth plane. Among these were those of eternal life and the wisdom of one’s mind and forbearance so as to summon this from within the spirit, bringing it forth to the body of man.


Much was done then, and much throughout his lifetime was contributed. This perhaps was a turning point in his soul’s evolution and prepared him for what was and is to come. It is to say then that as one might summon up that Spirit of God, that called the Christ within, so was this then done within Simon. And during the Master’s return to the Earth plane and during those later days, many of the peoples on the Earth plane were to benefit to this teaching at the hand of Simon.


And so at this time we would pause to allow, if you have then questions, on this soul or the matter.

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