Commandments, The Ten [1982]


Excerpt: It is, as many have discovered, that these are the aspects which are as the steps to reach the Kingdom of Our Father. And as we find, there are within these the guidances throughout all time.


You may look upon them, and in the antiquity of their writing and terminology, feel that there is not sufficient meaning or application in the present. Or that because the entities in those Earth times wherein they were written, or recorded at least by man, they applied only to those whom were so limited in their vision and in their sight and were, by their own very admission, so far from God in their consciousness. And that is true.


But there never is a work of God, or His Children or His workers, which is not an eternal work. So remember this as you think on these words and as you read them now and in the future, that even though they sound harsh, distant, fearful, filled with emotions of the stimulation of respect and obedience, this was the nature of man then and it is the nature of man in the present, that that is the surest way, and perhaps the quickest, to gain his attention.


And as one has their attention upon these and studies them, a subtle truth comes forth in the spirit which resideth within, that all of these are given, in a sense, to supplant that which is of the worst of each of thee.


Why? In order that the best may stand clear and unadulterated, unencumbered, pure and wholesome in and of itself. For if with these commandments we take away that which is detrimental, what can remain if not that which is pure and perfect? And if we look upon one whom has been so cleansed, therein shall we see the image of God.

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