Commandment: 1 [1979]


Excerpt: That which we attempt to give in response to your inquiries is given not to change or alter that which is sacred and has been given through the spirit of God. But the words, the thoughts, these are given that there might be a better understanding and thus, a better application of that which is eternal in your daily life, at present, and in all future experiences in whatsoever realm thee might dwell.


To understand then, the statement as recorded, “I am thy Lord, thy God.” There is the need to recognize that the statement, “I am,” proceeds all other references or words. The Father is. He is not limited by any additional reference, term or phrase.


“Thy Lord God” is the reference to that which eternally serves, protects and preserves. There is the purity of oneness with God directly stated in this term. “I am,” is the total sum of God, which includes all of us, you there in the Earth and those on all other realms.


The recognition then humbly should be towards the participation of self in all things. The force of God as it is manifested within each of you is the same force of God that has been manifested in Moses, in Jacob, John, Jesus, Joshua, and all those whom could be named that thee would recognize, but thee would not be called.

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