Commandment: 5 [1986]


Excerpt: Just so as one as the father or mother of one born into the Earth might give unto that one born the best that they can, then thou art urged by the Master Himself to give unto those about you, with whom you draw your existence and your sustenance, the best that you can.  To recognize those about yourself in the same attitude, the same respect, as one honors and loves their parents, then one makes self open to receive that bounty, that blessing, which can easily and abundantly flow thereof.


In the metaphysical sense, the mother-father symbol, as associated in prayer with God, is to recognize all aspects of God’s being.  That in the father there is that which is the point of origin, of authority, of law, of respect, of honor, of protection.  In the mother there is that of the nourishment, the warmth, the compassion, the yielding the understanding, and the protectorate.  And as one would combine these two in reference to an individual or to a single being of God, there is in that very statement, in that very reference, the opening of a broad channel through which all manner of blessing can pour forth.

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