Commandment: 4 [1977]



LAMA SING: Perhaps if we would, in humbleness, to state rather than the term “commandment,” which in the mind of man creates an attitude of dominance, oppression, or force, or fear, or authority, if we were to call them, rather, “blessings” or “guidances” how much different then might man’s attitude be towards that which is given. And that in the interpretation of all the words, deeds, and thoughts of the Master, there would be found the presence and the understanding of all within each individual. That to express in a term might, in the one sense, be understood completely within the reference of a single mind yet, while in another, to them a specific color has a different meaning; and, likewise, a specific word of praise creates yet again a different reflection within the mind.


So with the understanding that it is the spirit and the thought and the force, which is behind that whom has given same that is so very important here. To encompass or to see the Logos or the circular pattern which includes, spherically, all things, and to consider this as one in the sense of all contained within. Thus, man might have that concept of oneness with the Father. See?


So we would accept then, in humbleness, those questions which are brought to the fore and would answer in the loving-kindness of humble servants to the Master.


CONDUCTOR: Okay. Please give the exact date the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, according to our present calendar and methods of accounting for chronological time.


LAMA SING: [55-second pause] We are searching. We ask your indulgence in this humble work.

[95-second pause] As best we can evaluate, two thousand thirteen years, some five and twelve-thirtieths – using your calendar – five months and twelve days previous to the Master’s entry.


CONDUCTOR: Then there is no year then, Lama Sing, if it’s previous to the Master’s entry in our nomenclature?


LAMA SING: Well only to the extent that we could call this 2013 B.C. See?


CONDUCTOR: Okay. Very well. Please describe how, literally and physically, the Commandments were given by God to Moses.

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