Commandment: 2 [1979]


Excerpt: As with thought and the word (as it is written), the mind of man must conceive an image and/or a pattern by which they will associate and interpret. As the spoken word is given, there is the differentiation from the written word, for in the spoken word one receives, as well, a mental and spiritual pattern which is received by their mutual presence. In the written word there must be conjured that image which is from the reservoirs of time, space, and spirit (as you interpret same).


But when one reaches that point in consciousness, by willing acceptance of same, all these forces and more can be brought into harmony; and, thus, the interpretation and the understanding are made clear.


So it has been passed unto the servant whom is called Moses those thoughts and that inner light and knowledge just as one would find in meditation in your present day and in your present realm. For, in a word, there is the interpretive. In a thought, there in the pictorial. By combining both, one finds a living example such so as to impart an unquestionable guidance. Thus, in those terms, we attempt to deliver unto you His Word.

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