Coming of the Light [1975]


Excerpt: When one commences any study that would involve that as has been described as the Coming of the Light there must first be that preceding of definition as to what is this Light that is spoken of.


As has been seen in the Earth plane oft times – many times seen in glimmering, other times in great brightness of those presences of God that one can describe as the Light, or that which is called the Christ Consciousness within each and every entity upon the Earth plane – this, then, personifies in an entity that which is thus called that of the Christ … is that extension, that portion of God’s very love brought onto thy plane. This is our Master. This is the entity then that we follow on this plane, and that is the spirit of God that unites you all.


CONDUCTOR: If meditation is the answer, where can I best learn this?

LAMA SING: Meditation is not the answer, my friend; it is just a way to com- municate with God. That’s all it is. The answer lies within your actions, your thoughts, your deeds.


But we do wish you would commune with God through meditation. That as is required for self to become trained in meditation, there are as many facets here as there are perhaps entities on your plane. But among them, this has been given clearly by the entity Edgar in the past, and by many others who are now in bodies on your plane who are willing to assist you, and we suggest that if you do wish this, you have only but to ask.


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