Christmas – The Day Jesus Was Born [2001]


Lama Sing narrates new details of this event, known as Christmas, never before told.


Excerpt: “So as ye, in Earth, celebrate this day, know that He is within thee, that that Spirit called Christ is not only made manifest in that one we call the Master, the man called Jesus, but it is within thee, as well. And so as ye would seek it, and harken unto it, so is it yours.


“In these times past, as you can see from what was given, the Way was made passable by those who are His. There was the thought which was known aforehand, and in the knowledge of such, the preparations were made. Many came to serve. All set aside that which might in anywise separate, and extended a hand in unison, that there would be but one Work, one Ideal, one Intent.


“So as ye see this, and you remember it in ceremony, and in all manner which you believe as your expressions of this day, then too, we humbly and lovingly encourage you, know this: He comes again. Wilt thou not help to make the Way passable.”

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