Christ Spirit [1998] FREE


This work discusses the meanings of the words Jesus, Jesus Christ, Christ Spirit, and God: how they are completely interchangeable, and how they stand as terms unique from the other.


Excerpt: “The Spirit called Christ is the eternal essence of the Children of God. It is the Light, the presence of Life itself, and it is eternal. It is the source of Truth, it is the reservoir of Omnipotent Power, and nothing is beyond its potential. And yet, in the Earth, so many would have it seem that only the man called Jesus bears this gift from God, and yet, in His own words and teachings did He say different than this.


“How could our Master say to you, to all of us, that ‘All these things and greater shall ye do’ if He did not know that that within Him is also within all others? For it is, as he demonstrated, this Christ Spirit which doeth the work. Not the hands physical, not the mind of matter, nor any such which is merely the momentary focus of consciousness, called finiteness.” -Lama Sing


NOTE: This reading is included in: JESUS – Book II

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