Childhood of Jesus [1994]


The influence of Mary and Joseph, family environment, care and schooling of Jesus in His childhood teen years in the Essene community are among the areas discussed in this reading.


Excerpt: “The relationship between Joseph and Jesus and John [the Baptist] and many of the other children was one to bring a smile to the heart of the most staunch and serious and dedicated purveyor of wisdom that the Essenian inner chamber had to offer. Not one would withstand seeing the man Joseph upon all fours, with Jesus as a small lad, John, and perhaps sometimes two others, on his mighty back as he sought to emulate some beast of burden, accompanying his actions with very bold verbal outcries of their nature.


“To see this—one who was respected and upheld with some reverence, as we stated, by many of the Essenes, equating himself to the level of a child and being a child—was a shining example for others who tended to become a bit too stiff in their stature, taking a bit too much seriousness in their office and duties.


“Ofttimes, Joseph would be gradually accompanied by two, three, and others of the Essene… uprightness (we could call it) frolicking about in the dust and dirt. They were not above such, but Joseph was no small example or inspiration to them. It was a time of delight for the Master, and equally so for Joseph.”


NOTE: This reading is included in: JESUS – Book I

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