Beatitudes [1980]


This reading describes the Sermon on the Mount and interprets Christ Jesus’ Beatitudes in a way that makes it easy to picture one’s self seated on the mount, hearing Him speak.


Excerpt: “Those who use this mechanism of love must first possess it in order to give it. No entity is nourished from an empty cup. Only one which is filled with the blessed wine of life—only these can give.


“Where would one commence, then, with showing mercy? Self.

Have thee, dear friend, been merciful this day to self?

Hast thou chastised self without good cause or reason?

Have you burdened your mind, your spirit, with some attitude, with some punishment, with some perceived flaw or fault?

Have you, by comparative judgment of self to others or to mass thought or habit, made for yourself an attitude which is less than joyful for this day?


“Blessed are the merciful. Be merciful. Be understanding, compassionate, with self, that by so doing you can give this to others.”


NOTE: This reading is included in: JESUS – Book I

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