Barnabas and the Master’s Sacred Seal [1998]


This work is about the mysterious items of symbolic and wondrous power that were secretly given to Jesus Christ. These included a Sacred Seal commissioned by Nicodemus, a Staff of Righteousness prepared by the Essene Elders and emissaries from the School of the Prophets, and a holy cup (the Holy Grail) and mysterious Rod of Authority given by Joseph of Arimathea.


Excerpt: “Some of you are as Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea. You might do many works and not be seen for them. And yet, they are goodly works, all the same. Others might be bold and forthright, as Saul called Paul. Or gentle and ever-giving, like a Barnabas. Or bold and, according to righteousness, ever at the ready, as Elias, or some such as these.


“The teachers of righteousness are in the Earth. They are being called to awaken again. The wisdoms of old are coming to the fore. And in them and about them are the opportunities which, in their manifestation, can make the Way passable.”


NOTE: This reading is included in: JESUS – BOOK II

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