Ascension [1991]


The Ascension of Jesus Christ offers the seed of hope for eternity for every individual to ascend the steps to the Kingdom of Heaven and our Lord God. And just as there was a wondrous collection of souls assembled to open the portal from Earth to eternity for Him, so is it for each and every one, according to his or her choosing.


Excerpt: “In this passage, then, has there been the Way made passable for each of you. And just so as one might in the Earth be likened unto an explorer and to make a trail, a path in unknown regions, then so has your Brother, the Christ, made a path for each of you.  That, if you would live within that of the tenet of His Word –  not in a sense pious, not wearing the garb of the rabboni, but living in joyfulness, answering the need, regardless of the tenets or dictums of others that would have you do otherwise – then these are the steps which lead into the Chapel of Light, the Kingdom of our Father. And these are the very steps upon which the Master Himself ascended.”


NOTE: This reading is included in JESUS – Book II

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