Disciples – Part I: Peter, Timothy, and Paul [1976]


Excerpt: The Master himself is recognizable in some form throughout the historical references that have been given to you by Edgar; you can clearly see the character and the attitude of the soul’s purpose as His progression does appear repeatedly in the Earth plane. Though it may be somewhat more subtle in some of the other entities, it is yet clearly to be seen.


The Large One, then, whom was so loving to the Master, yet so bold in his countenance, does have these characteristics manifested throughout his progressions or contributions. Always first in the grouping to take upon any task, we would find that preceding even the Atlantean times his soul was present, often stumbling through his eagerness to create that in the Earth plane which manifested the spirit of his grouping, the Christ Spirit; but always the eagerness and the firm determination present. Though not always in a body that was of such stature as was his sojourn with the Master, the soul expressed in this entity in its various incursions in the Earth plane was very strong.

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